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Australian approved name (AAN): Zinc ascorbate monohydrate

Common names and synonyms: Vitamin C; Zinc

Molecular formula: C12H14O12Zn.H2O

Molecular weight: 433.64

Molecular conversions: (% Ascorbic acid): 80.77  (% Zinc): 15.08

RDI for Vitamin C as per NHMRC:
Infants – 0-6 months – 25mg/day (AI)
Infants – 7-12 months – 30mg/day (AI)
Children – 1-8 years – 35mg/day
Children – 9-18 years – 40mg/day
Adults – >19 years – 45mg/day
Pregnancy – 14-18 years – 55mg/day
Pregnancy – 19-50 years – 60mg/day
Lactation – 14-18 years – 80mg/day
Lactation – 19-50 years – 85mg/day

Maximum daily dose: 50mg of zinc (when for internal use)

Mandatory component: Zinc (when for internal use)

Warnings and Restrictions: When for internal use and the maximum recommended daily dose is more than 25mg but no more than 50mg of zinc, the medicine requires the following warning statement on the medicine label:
ZINC – WARNING: May be dangerous if taken in large amounts or for a long period. OR WARNING: Contains zinc which may be dangerous if taken in large amounts or for a long period (or words to that effect).

Allowable purpose of the ingredient: Active. Excipient. Homeopathic

TGA reference: Therapeutic Goods Administration

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