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Definition: for a food for sale, means a statement about a particular aspect of the food that is required to be expressed in the words set out in the following provisions: (a) section 1.2.3—3 (warning statement relating to royal jelly); 
 (b) section 2.6.3—4 (warning statement relating to kava); 
 (c) subsection 2.9.1—19(1) or section 2.9.1—13 (warning statements for infant formula product); 
 (d) paragraph 2.9.2—7(3)(c) or 2.9.2—8(1)(b) (warning statements for food for infants); 
 (e) subparagraph 2.9.4—4(1)(a)(iii) or 2.9.4—4(1)(a)(iv) (warning statements for formulated supplementary sports food).

As per: FSANZ

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