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Australian Approved Name (AAN): Ubiquinol-10

Common name/s and synonyms: Coenzyme Q10 di-hydro; Coenzyme Q10-hydroquinone; Reduced Ubiquinone Q10; Reduce Coenzyme Q10; Dihydrocoenzyme Q10

Molecular formula: C59H92O4

Molecular weight: 865.36

Maximum daily dose: 300mg

Warnings and restrictions: Only for use in oral medicines.  When used in combination with ubidecarenone, the maximum recommended daily dose must provide no more than 300mg of ubiquinol-10 and ubidecarenone combined.

Requires the following warning statement on the medicine label:
WARF – Do not take while on warfarin therapy without medical advice.

Allowable purpose of the ingredient: Active

TGA reference: Chemical Abstract Service

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