Australian Approved Name (AAN): Thymol

Common name/s and synonyms: 6-Isopropyl-m-cresol; alpha-Cymophenol; Thyme camphor; 1-Methyl-3-hydroxy-4-isopropylbenzene; 5-Methyl-2-isopropylphenol; 2-Isopropyl-5-methylphenol; 3-Hydroxy-para-cymene; 3-para-Cymenol

Molecular formula: C10H14O

Molecular weight: 150.22

Warnings and restrictions: When used as an active ingredient, the product code must be medicated space spray and medicated throat lozenges. When used as an excipient, only for use in topical medicines for dermal applications.

When used topically the medicine requires the following warning statement on the medicine label:
THYMOL- Contains thymol [quantity] (or words to that effect).

Allowable purpose of the ingredient: Active. Excipient

TGA reference: British Pharmacopoeia

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