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Definition: (a) Means any container or wrapper in or by which food for sale is wholly or
partly encased, covered, enclosed, contained or packaged; and 
 (b) If food is carried or sold or intended to be carried and sold in more than one package—includes each package; and 
 (c) Does not include: (i) a *bulk cargo container; or 
 (ii) a pallet overwrap; or 
 (iii) a crate and packages which do not obscure labels on the food; or 
 (iv) a transportation vehicle; or 
 (v) a vending machine; or 
 (vi) a hamper; or 
 (vii) a container or wrapper (including a covered plate, cup, tray or other food container) in which food is served in a prison, hospital or *medical institution; or 
 (viii) for Standard 2.9.5—a covered plate, cup, tray or other food container in which food for special medical purposes is served by a *responsible institution to a patient or resident.

As per: FSANZ

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