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Acronym for Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989. The Australian Government assesses industrial chemicals under this act. The objects of this Act are to provide for:

(a)  a national system of notification and assessment of industrial chemicals for the purposes of:

(i)  aiding in the protection of the Australian people and the environment by finding out the risks to occupational health and safety, to public health and to the environment that could be associated with the importation, manufacture or use of the chemicals; and

(ii)  providing information, and making recommendations, about the chemicals to Commonwealth, State and Territory bodies with responsibilities for the regulation of industrial chemicals; and

(iii)  giving effect to Australia’s obligations under international agreements relating to the regulation of chemicals; and

(iv)  collecting statistics in relation to the chemicals; being a system under which information about the properties and effects of the chemicals is obtained from importers and manufacturers of the chemicals; and

(b)  national standards for cosmetics imported into, or manufactured in, Australia and the enforcement of those standards.

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