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Australian Approved Name (AAN): Chromic chloride hexahydrate

Common names and synonyms: Chromic chloride; Chromium chloride hexahydrate

Organic/Inorganic: Inorganic

Molecular formula: CrCl3.6H2O

Molecular weight: 266.45

Conversions (% chromium): 19.51

TGA (eBS) allowable range for conversions: The amount of chromium in the active ingredient should be calculated based on the molecular weight of chromic chloride hexahydrate.

AI for chromium as per NHMRC:
Infants – 0-6 months – 0.2µg/day (AI)
Infants – 7-12 months – 5.5µg/day (AI)
Children – 1-3 years – 11µg/day
Children – 4-8 years – 15µg/day
Boys –  9-13 years – 25µg/day
Boys –  14-18 years – 35µg/day
Girls – 9-13 years – 21µg/day
Girls – 14-18 years – 25µg/day
Men – 35µg/day
Women – 25µg/day
Pregnancy – 30µg/day
Lactation – 45µg/day

Maximum daily dose: No maximum recommended daily dose for this form of chromium

Mandatory components: Chromium (when used as an active ingredient in a preparation for mineral supplementation)

Allowable purpose of the ingredient: Active. Homeopathic

TGA reference: United States Pharmacopeia_(Incorporating the National Formulary)

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